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The Virtual Job Fair for Students & Young Professionals

Welcome to The Virtual Job Fair where ambitious academics and the Top 200 Dutch companies get to know each other!

These companies will be on the job fair

Driessen Groep

The main sponsor of The Virtual Job Fair

The Virtual Job Fair

Get to know the 200 most appealing employers in The Netherlands during The Virtual Job Fair 

Sollicitatiedokter presents The Virtual Job Fair. During this event, students and young professionals get to know the best employers in The Netherlands. 

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Students & Young Professionals

During The Virtual Job Fair, students and young professionals get to know the best employers in the Netherlands. Throughout the day, you’ll be able to enjoy their pitches, presentations, and workshops, and you’re invited to visit their digital information stands. Career experts that will be present during the job fair are happy to help you brush up your resume, as well as your job interview skills. 

The Speed Date Carousel, an important feature of The Virtual Job Fair, allows you to briefly chat to a wide variety of employers. Do you prefer an in-depth conversation? Then you might want to sign up for a one-on-one meeting with a recruiter of your favourite organisation! These meetings require you to fill out an assessment beforehand, this way we make sure you get invited based on your skills and abilities. 

Studenten & Young Professionals

Are you about to graduate or are you a Young Professional who has just started working? Do you bring something special to the table and are you known to shoot for the moon? And are you bursting with excitement about making a difference at a top-rated company? 


During The Virtual Job Fair, the 200 best employers in The Netherlands get to meet ambitious students and Young Professionals from all over the country. To kick start their careers, all attendees get to explore their professional possibilities through in-depth one-on-one conversations with their favourite employers, as well as through The Speed Date Carousel. The latter allows job seekers to introduce themselves to a wide variety of potential employers in 5-minute pitches. Career experts that are present at The Virtual Job Fair gladly help attendees prepare for their job hunt. 

Employers that present themselves at The Virtual Job Fair are in good company: only the 200 best organisations in The Netherlands are welcomed. Joining them with your organisation is an employer branding opportunity not to be missed, since we’re expecting a ton of media attention. Diversity and inclusion are core values to The Virtual Job Fair. 


In a perfect world, the talent you need walks right into your office. During The Virtual Job Fair, that Utopia becomes reality.  

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During The Virtual Job Fair ambitious students and young professionals get to know this country’s most appealing employers. Do you want to find the perfect match, even in a time where COVID-19 seems to make that impossible? Sign up today!